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Watching videos faster

Published on in 💭 Thoughts

Lately I’ve been switching the playback speed for videos mostly to 1.25 or 1.5x. This way I manage to watch videos that I watch to learn something new in less time (and still understand everything). Especially with long videos this makes a difference. Is it only me who feels this way? I was really happy to find out that this feature is not only available on YouTube, but also in native video players in Firefox.


Published on in 💬 Micro

I guess autumn is here! 🍂

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You Should Be Nice To The People!

Published on in Medium Archive

When I decided to change my life, I also made the decision to live more positively. When I have a prejudiced negative opinion about people or things, I think about them and see if I’m not wrong after all. And most of all, I don’t judge people I don’t really know.


Great Open Source Android Libraries

Published on in 👨‍💻 Dev
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Libraries are a bunch of code that simplifies developing of certain features and prevent you from reinventing the wheel. Because most Android libraries are open source it’s also possible to fork and modify them. But you should take care about the specific licenses.


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