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bitwarden_rs: Lightweight self-hosted password manager

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I just did updates on my home cloud, and among those updates was a new version of bitwarden_rs. Bitwarden is a quite popular open source password management solution. I use it for quite some time already. Until some months ago, I used the hosted version, for which I even paid a few bucks to get premium features and support the developer behind the project.


Get Creative With This Simple Behaviour Change

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It has to do with your phone


Where To Learn About Kotlin - Resources, I used

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I’m into Kotlin, because it’s a new (quite new) programming language, that solves all the Java problems, especially on Android. You can simply use Lambda expressions and much more on any API version. I also used Kotlin in production in my open sourced newsreader app NewsCatchr. Here I’ll share some of the sources, that helped me getting some knowledge in Kotlin:


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