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GoBlog syncs the editor state between browsers in real-time now. ✨ Thanks to WebSockets!

This way I can start writing on one device, continue on another and publish from just another one. WebSocket connections get also reestablished, when they fail, because the Internet connection changed etc. This was a fun programming evening. 😄

Tomorrow I will continue with some issues from GitHub…


After all, debugging is still fun!

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One reason I use an Android smartphone is that there are apps like Indigenous (a MicroPub-compatible app for posting from your phone to a MicroPub-compatible blog). And even if the app ever disappears from the store, there’s still the option to manually install the app. And if you need to, you can also develop your own apps without having to invest nearly $100 a year.


Retiring my Raspberry Pi (again)

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And again I changed something in my setup. Now I have turned off the Raspberry Pi 4 again and handed over the tasks to my EliteDesk 800 G1 USDT. But why? Here is my explanation.


You Shouldn’t Go to Bed Too Late

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A wisdom that life taught me


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