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My home and code server now has 2 TB of SSD storage and 16 GB of RAM. While I’ll be using the storage for backups, etc., I’m not quite sure what I can use the 16 GB of RAM for yet. What else can I run besides Home Assistant, AdGuard Home, Drone and Tailscale? I still have my VPS running my websites, Miniflux, Bitwarden, Firefox Sync Server, RSS-Bridge, Firefly III, Nitter and Gitea. 🤔


Roads in the future

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Max Böck has written this beautiful metaphorical blog post. I highly recommend to read it.


3 Exciting Things I Learned from Oversleeping Today

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I overslept for the first time in a very long time. Not because I muted the alarm clock and then fell asleep again, but because I simply forgot to set it at all. Here are the things I have learned (because of everything that happens to me I learn something):


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