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Mozilla Hubs

Published on in 🔗 Links

I don’t know what’s wrong with Mozilla, but somehow I can’t figure out some of their steps. After many employees have been laid off (who have worked on MDN or Firefox etc.), because money seems to be tight, and recently even put themselves behind Google in a new lawsuit, they do the following: They release a “3D VR communication platform”.


GitLab Telemetry: Use Non-Commercial Alternatives Instead

Published on in 👨‍💻 Dev

Yesterday, GitLab sent an email to all users (and wrote a blog post) telling that they are updating their terms & services (to which you have to agree) to include a new third party service to track and analyze the behavior of their users, so that they better understand how their users interact with GitLab.


Showing Weakness is a Strength in Itself

Published on in Medium Archive

Show weakness? Showing that you’re not feeling well? Nowadays, it’s almost like a scandal. We always want to present ourselves from our best side, show how strong we are, not only physically but also mentally. It is not at all fitting for us to show weakness. But showing weakness is a strength in itself.


Jan-Lukas Else