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Libre internet speedtest

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Until now, when I wanted to measure my internet speed, I mostly used speedtest.net or speed.cloudflare.com. But recently I found a better alternative: librespeed.org. Advantages: Open Source, tracking and ad-free, possibility to host it yourself. After a few tests I can say that it works at least as well as the other alternatives.


The 2nd of November

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As I write this, it’s still the 1st of November, but the 2nd is just around the corner. Those days, two years ago, were probably the worst of my life.


Why Relaxation Is Important

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I am someone, who often preaches things like “never give up”, “go up earlier” or “cut all useless time consuming things out of your life”, so that you use all your time for something useful, that helps you reach your goals and live your life with purpose.

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