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It’s really nice to see your posts published instantly instead of waiting 20 seconds first…


My new GoBlog-Blog is finally alive 🎉

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I spent months coding and it’s finally time to say “Hello World”!


Blogging workflow

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Manton Reece, the creator of micro.blog, writes about his blogging workflow. He uses many different ways to post to his blog depending on what he wants to publish.


Little improvements to my Micropub endpoint

Published on in 💭 Thoughts

The great thing about my custom Micropub endpoint for Hugo is, that I can add all the features I need.


Mount NTFS partition images on Linux

Published on in 👨‍💻 Dev

Today I started sorting out a couple of old computers from the flat. To save the data from those, I took the hard drives, connected them via adapters to my PC and cloned each partition to a huge external hard drive. Now I have a bunch of NTFS partition image files. One also with Windows 2000. 😅


Happy Birthday, Go!

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I develop code in Go for just a few months now, but I learned to like it. It’s fast, simple and can produce static binaries. In contrast to Java (the language I have to use for a lot of university and work stuff) it does many things much simpler. And I think Go is really easy to learn, also thanks to its good documentation.


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