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Updated Miniflux blogroll generation script

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Regarding the Go-based script I shared in a previous post:


Happy Birthday, Go!

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Go is now eleven years old! I’ve only been programming in Go for about 1.5 years, so I’ve only actively followed a small part of those eleven years. Nevertheless I am impressed how simple this programming language is, although new features are added all the time. And instead of getting slower with more features, Go gets faster with every new release.



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This year, I did way less sports than last year. I’ve only done bodyweight training, but currently do it very irregular. I do running less regular too.


Is Life Fair?

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There are people who live until they are over 100 years old. They live a happy life, in which there are rarely any particular lows, they never have the problem of having to worry about financial or physical security, they have children who are doing well and only leave the world’s light when they have already received a pension for decades.


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