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A Medium Dilemma

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Reply to: "A Medium Dilemma" by Ben Werdmüller

I wrote something similar about Medium back in July to what Ben Werdmüller writes now. Medium isn’t doing something bad, it’s just that they changed directions over the last years. From being a platform, where anyone can write anything and anyone can read anything for free, it’s now something like a paid magazine anyone can contribute too (and earn some money from it).


Spotify: Wrapped 2019

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The end of the year is coming and so came a mail from Spotify telling me about my musical year in review. I didn’t use the same Spotify account the whole year, but needed to create a new account somewhere around summer because the student discount (5€ instead of 10€ per month for Premium) expired after some years, although I’m still a student.


Go, Android Go!

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Since Google I/O this year we know about Android Go. An optimized system for low-end smartphones with RAM up to 1 GB. Packed with a slimmer Android version and the Go variants from all the Google apps.


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