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No more Advent of Code for me this year

Published on in 💭 Thoughts

Like Horst Gutmann I exit the Advent of Code challenge.


More thoughts about ActivityPub support for this Hugo blog

Published on in 💬 Micro

I plan to add a bit of ActivityPub to my blog to be able to interact with the fediverse, without the need to use Mastodon, Pleroma or my current microblog. Just my static Hugo blog with it’s dynamic Go-backend. Because I don’t want to implement everything from scratch - I haven’t yet added media support for MicroPub - I am in search for libraries that help implementing ActivityPub, or at least give me a starting point. I discovered the library activityserver, which is used by a tool called pherephone by write.as, maybe that can help me.


Things You Can’t Wish For Christmas - About immaterial wishes

Published on in ✍️ Posts

Christmas is approaching. Less than a week to go until the celebrations. And so it’s now clear to everyone what they want, if it hasn’t been decided since last Christmas or the last birthday. New mobile phone, new computer, new game console…


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