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After reading books about Docker and Kubernetes for most of the day today, I wanted to do a bit of programming after all: My blog now has shortened URLs for posts. https://jlelse.blog/s/1 for example redirects to my last post about my current writing workflow.



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I wrote about my Indieweb dream this morning. To come closer to this dream and to clean up some code, I started refactoring my hugo backend code. I made use of Go interfaces to later be able to easily add more storage, CDN or social network providers. It also made the code a bit cleaner and a bit more modular, but there’s still a lot of learning and work to do. What I still struggle with though is testing: I don’t have any automatic tests yet. How do I test HTTP calls to external APIs?


IndieWeb dream

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My IndieWeb setup is continuing to evolve. I just added support for syndication (this post should appear on IndieNews) and JSON-posting to my Hugo backend and theme. Unfortunately, adding support for more IndieWeb features to this setup requires a lot of documentation reading, reverse engineering and looking at how other people have done that (of course in other programming languages, one has not much knowledge in).


Why you should remove Disqus from your site

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Marko Saric wrote down a few reasons, why you should remove Disqus from your website:


Why I Created My Own Wiki - Advantages of a Knowledge Base

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Knowledge is one of the most important goods in today’s world. The value of an employee increases with the knowledge he possesses. But the problem is that we often have so much input that we can’t remember everything. Solution: Create a knowledge database.


How I Built An App For Telegra.ph

Published on in 👨‍💻 Dev

Telegra.ph is Telegram’s new Medium alternative made for easy and also anonymous publishing. It’s quite similar to Medium, except the need to log in. Of course you CAN log in, but it isn’t necessary.


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