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Telegram’s monetization plans

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Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov is thinking about ways to monetize Telegram, which until now he mostly paid from his own savings:


Self-hosting my blog and its services

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Self-hosting my blog and the related services not only gives me the independence from third-party-services, it also gives me the option to customize things to my liking. In my opinion, this is even more important.


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Thanks for your tip to take a look at the post by Steve Layton! Unfortunately I’m not using micro.blog currently and rather want my setup to be self-hosted as much as possible. To do that I recently also started receiving webmentions myself instead of relying on webmention.io. It’s not that I don’t like these services, it’s more that I strive for full control over my setup.


5 Harsh Reasons Why Snapchat Sucks - And Why I Deleted It From My Phone

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How many flames have you got? Who’s your red heart? What’s your score?


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