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My 2020 in Review

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Last year I first had to think about what happened in each month for my year in review. This year it’s a bit easier, because since the beginning of the year I wrote a monthly review in German as well as in English.


“My Adventures in Leaving Big Tech – A Status Update”

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Chris Wiegman shared a status update about his journey to replace big tech with small tech.


How to Get a Completely Free Website

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In this post I want to show with which services and tools it is possible to run a completely free website. An own website not only offers the possibility to create your own professional web presence, it can also make you independent from silos like Facebook, Twitter or Medium. It is always better to publish content on your own page with your own domain. If a service changes the terms of use or ceases operation, it is so much easier to move to another service.


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